Monday, September 25, 2006

God may be opening a window

It's strange how sometimes things plop in your lap. I have spent years--yes, years--struggling hard to discern whether or not God is calling me to the ordained ministry. I have a passion for preaching, for advocacy, for walking to the cross with others. But being in a same-sex relationship and not being able to relocate due to my partner's needs seem to be huge barriers to ordination. Also the fact that my debt structure is nothing short of ghastly (but I am working to pay those &*#$*# cards off--good spiritual discipline) and my need to be self-supporting keep me from attending seminary, including the year in practicum that the ELCA demands. Not do-able. I have grieved over doors slamming shut right and left.

Every time I feel God pestering me again, I bash my head against the mental walls until it's bloody. Nothing so far has worked. But today, searching the internet while should be working, I came across information about the ELCA's Associates in Ministry program. Looks like this possibly could work for me. I think I would be able to focus in preaching and prublic policy. Too cool. And the educational requirements don't seem onerous.

How do other pieces of the puzzle fit in? Due to the political implosion of my last congregation, I left and was blessed to have the Spirit lead me to another suburban Chicago congregation, this one expressly open and affirming. St P is a warm, embracing congregation and "Pastor M" is a dream: articulate, caring, challenging. This could be good. If anyone reads this, please pray for me.


Blogger Iris said...

You are certainly in my prayers. We Presbys are are in the same unfortunate boat. I serve in a More Light Presbyterian congregation, which means open and affirming. It breaks my heart that my denomination refuses (at this time) to recognize the calls of many of the finest Christians I have ever known. Keep the faith- keep praying!

9:06 PM  
Blogger Cathy said...

Welcome to the blogosphere from one Episcopalian to another!

9:08 PM  

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