Saturday, April 14, 2007

6 Weird Things About Me and Why I Don't Know how to "tag" Anyone to Continue This

Greetings from the recently returned! A job change happened since I last posted. God blessed me richly by getting me out of a law firm which was rapidly morphing into Hades, and gave me a great job as an Assistant Director at a medical library at a major medical center. Great stuff but, in the interim, I lost all my blogging know-how, so bear with me.

Hey, first thanks to Catherine+ for not losing faith in me during my period of silence. Thanks, C! And she's the one who tagged me for 6 weird things, so here they are:
1. I have nicknames for my Yorkie like "Mommy's Monster" and "Tutters."
2. I have bought him 11 identical hedgehogs (He loves them and the original one, Hortense, is in great danger of giving up the ghost after 9 years, so he needs back ups.)
3. I have a 1" plastic sheep named Eleanor (She prefers the spelling ELUNOR, with the R backwards, and the whole works in caps) who has a real smart mouth and channels through me.
4. I have recurring dreams in which Yvonne DeCarlo is in love with me.
5. I have recurring nightmares about combination locks.
6. I have a phobia about turtles.

Ok, there's my 6. The reason I can't tag anyone is I didn't seem to have bookmarked the blog or whatever the network thingy is that has links to many of us that had Catherine's and others names in it, so I could link them

Happy Spring!

ps. My lovely lady pastor is just as great as ever.


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